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All's fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both

...ron hearts hermione...

21 November 1990
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Hey there! I'm Dessi. This journal is mainly to vent my fandom feels in a healthy way. Here you will find graphics, fanfiction, fanmixes and such about Ron and Hermione. Feel free to friend me, and if you are interested in my personal ramblings (most of them are protected) send me a message or comment so I'll friend you back :). + Master list of stuff +
My interests: I love reading, and if you didn't catch the hint, my favourite fantasy/science fiction (;D) books are the Harry Potter series.
I also love, in random order, Coldplay, The Lord of the Rings series, Friends, U2, Wuthering Heights, Bones, Pride and Prejudice, Gossip Girl, The Simpsons, Pride and prejudice, Glee.
Writing has become a passion, but I'm stuck to fanfiction for now (because I'm somehow afraid of taking a big step on original fiction). I'm keen on British English, and I used to be passionate about translating... I translated Deathly Hallows to Spanish for fun.
I like playing with Photoshop a lot, too.
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Fandom: I'm a rather active and prolific fan... And if you weren't paying attention, I'm a huge Ron and Hermione shipper.
Hermione/Ron is my couple...
Jamie/Claire is my OTP...
Monica/Chandler is my TV couple...
Hermione Granger is my book character...
Chuck Bass is mine...
The Simpsons is my TV show...
Time-turner is mine...
"With or without you" by U2 is mine...
The Burrow is mine ...
... at find_and_keep
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